Tell Council Tax when you move within Powys

Use this form if you have moved within Powys and you are responsible for paying the Council Tax bill. We aim to send you a revised Council Tax bill within 15 working days.

Register for Council Tax

  1. 1. About you
  2. 2. About the address you have moved out of
  3. 3. About your new address
  4. 4a. Fill this section in if you own the new property
  5. 4b. Fill this section in if you are renting at the new address
  6. 5. About any adults living at the new address
  7. Any item of furniture in a property counts as furnished. You can give further details below if you wish.
  8. If the property is unoccupied, skip the rest of this section.
  9. FULL name (including middle name) of all adults living at the new address.
    Please also state their relationship to the property as: owner, tenant, sub-tenant or other (please give details).
  10. 4. Other information