Register for Council Tax

Registration form

  • If moving into Powys from another area
  • If you were not paying council tax at your last address
  • Landlords
  • New builds / conversions

Hostels, shelters & homeless

  • Tell us if you become homeless
  • Tell us if you go into a hostel

Change of address / circumstances

  • Moving within Powys
  • Moving out of Powys
  • Someone in your home turns 18
  • Someone dies

Discounts & reductions (people)

  • A full list and explanations of all the discounts and reductions that can be given to people in Powys

When someone moves in or out of home

  • Arrangements for students
  • Claim / stop claiming single occupancy
  • People in hospital, care homes or legal detentions

Discounts & exemptions (buildings)

  • Special types of accommodation
  • Empty properties
  • Properties unsuitable for living in