Council Tax help for carers

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If you care for someone and live with them, you may not have to pay Council Tax.


A carer may not have to pay Council Tax if they:

  • live in the same property as the person that they are caring for,
  • provide care for at least 35 hours per week,
  • are not providing care for a spouse or a child under the age 18.

The person being cared for must be entitled to one of the following state benefits:

  • An attendance allowance
  • The highestor middle rate of the care component of a disability living allowance
  • The appropriately increased rate of disablement pension
  • An increase in a constant attendance allowance
  • The standard or enhanced rate of the daily living component of personal independence payment
  • Armed forces independence payment under the Armed Forces and Reserve Forces.

Care workers

A care worker may not have to pay Council Tax if they are employed for at least 24 hours per week but their earnings do not exceed £44 per week.

They must also be living in the same property as the person they are caring for or living in a property provided for the care work.

Application form

Apply for a carer's Council Tax exemption  (Opens in a new window)

If you've left your property empty (unoccupied) in order to provide care, your property may be exempt from Council Tax.