Find out if you can get a Council Tax reduction

From 1st September 2016 our phone lines will be available for 9am until 1pm only Monday to Friday. We may experience a high volume of calls during this period and thank you for your patience.

You may be able to claim a reduction, an exemption or a discount on Council Tax, e.g. if a house is empty or if the person living there is disabled. 

If you are on a low income

If you are on a low income, we can reduce your council tax bill. You can also get other help too.



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Discounts & reductions (people)

Council Tax is based on 2 or more eligible adults living in the same home. Tell us about any other situation so that we can make sure you only pay the right amount of Council tax.

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Discounts & exemptions on properties

Uninhabited, unfurnished, empty, or uninhabitable properties may be exempt from Council Tax. Specific types of properties are also exempt when they are dedicated solely to a special purpose.

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