Wind Farms

The Planning Act 2008 says that any developer who plans to build something which has a significant impact on the county's infrastructure, economy or landscape has to consult local residents as part of the process.  

The majority of these proposals will then have to be considered by the Planning Inspectorate who examine applications for things like power stations, wind farms, airports, sewage treatment works etc and decide if they can go ahead or not.

We thought it would be helpful to share links to wind farm websites so you can see exactly what developers are proposing. Before they submit their application, all developers have to produce a Statement of Community Consultation which sets out the details of their consultation plans.  The Council will comment on these and give constructive feedback.  The IPC will take account of this and any concerns raised by during the consultation when they judge each application.

Below is a list of current websites which may be of interest to you as a local resident.

National Grid  

SP Manweb

Dyfnant Forest

Mynydd Lluest y Graig