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We are reviewing all waiting and loading restrictions in Newtown. A consultation period has been agreed to establish views on the waiting and loading restrictions concerned.

Period: 27 February 2015 - 20 March 2015
Status: Closed
Audiences: Everyone
Topics: Traffic management
Type: Public


  • Address:
    Traffic Management
    Powys County Hall
    Spa Road East
    Llandrindod Wells
    LD1 5LG
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Scheme Newtown Town - Review of No Waiting / Loading at anytime parking restrictions
Location Various Newtown Town
Description These waiting/loading restrictions are proposed to maintain safety, also to prevent parking on the footway and obstructing pedestrians.


(Various Streets Newtown)(Prohibition and Restriction of Waiting and Loading and Parking Places)(Limited Waiting Permit Holders Exempt) Order 2015

Following the introduction of Civil Parking Enforcement by Powys County Council, a number of anomalies, deficiencies and ongoing problems associated within the existing on street parking and loading restrictions have been identified.

There has also been a request to pilot a Residents Parking Scheme in a number of areas within the town.

Consequently, a review of all the on street waiting and loading restrictions within Newtown and an initial consultation with affected residents within the proposed residents parking zones has been carried out.

A number of modifications are now proposed to maximise and rationalise the available on street parking areas; eliminate parking and loading within areas where the free flow of vehicles and safe pedestrian movements would otherwise be compromised by inconsiderate or nuisance parking; create dedicated loading areas within the town centre for goods vehicles; and create shared residents parking bays within two zones to allow residents to park within certain bays without being bound be timed parking restrictions when displaying a relevant permit.

If you wish to raise an objection, express support or make any other comments about these proposals, you can do so in writing using the contact details on this page.

“The Montgomeryshire Committee met on the 3 June 2015 to consider the representations received during the public consultation process. You can view the agenda and minutes of the meeting.

The committee agreed to downgrade the proposed restrictions in the immediate vicinities of Vaynor Store, Heol Vaynor and the convenience store on Lower Canal Road to better accommodate the needs of customers. The modified plans showing the approved waiting restrictions outside these premises can be viewed on the PDF's below.

All other proposed waiting and loading restrictions within the town were approved to be implemented as proposed under the public consultation phase.

The highway authority will publish the traffic order and make the necessary changes to the carriageway markings and associated signage within the town in due course.