Wellbeing survey for young people under 25

Are you under 25 and living in Powys? Then we’d like to hear your view on life in the county. Below you can see 22 issues which a group of young people in the county feel are the most important.

This consultation is now closed.

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In our survey, we’d like to hear if you agree with the issues. 

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22 Issues - do you agree?

A prosperous Wales 1. Money and Finance
2. Education
3. Careers Advice
4. Post 16 Learning and Training
5. Jobs opportunities (now for young people)
6. Future employment
A resilient Wales 7. Family relationships
8. Home/Housing
9. Public transport
10. Environmentally friendly
A healthier Wales 11. Physical Health
12. Emotional and Mental Health
A more equal Wales 13. Equality for LGBT
14. Equality for people with a disability
15. Equality for different ethnic groups
A Wales of cohesive communities 16. Feeling Safe
17. Strong Friendships
18. Community Spirit and action
A Wales of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language 19. Leisure opportunities
20. Play, Sports and Recreation
21. Welsh Language
A globally responsible Wales 22. Young Peoples ‘Voice’ and participation – ‘Having a say’