New Look Youth Service Survey

This consultation closed on 31st October 2016 and sought views from young people in particular about what activities they did, what they wanted from a youth service and what activities they might like to see commissioned if this were the future direction of travel for the service.

This page sets out your feedback to the survey.

This survey received 44 responses.

  • Six were from young people,
  • 22 from parents
  • 3 from youth workers (from within PCC, or the voluntary sector),
  • 7 from other; including 2 school staff.

There was an even distribution of responses across the county.

You Said

In most areas of the county young people themselves, or those responding on their behalf, felt that they could access a range of activities through either their youth club or in their local community.   These activities covered the Citizenship, Arts and Sport aspects from the CASH curriculum. However there was a clear indication that there are very few health activities.  And some communities only appeared to have activities in one of the areas.

Respondents said the biggest barriers to preventing access to youth provision was

  • the distance to travel
  • the transport to get there

This was followed by the actual cost of the activity.

We Will

We have and will continue to use the information from this survey to help inform future decisions about the service. We have also passed this information on to relevant partners such as the Arts & Culture Commissioning Officer. Partners will use this information alongside their own data to help make the right choices and provide the right services in the community.