Local Housing Strategy

The council is seeking views on a draft Local Housing Strategy. If you are interested in the way housing is developed in the county and how we identify and address the housing needs of our residents this strategy may be of interest to you.

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This consultation will end on 5th May 2016.


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What is the strategy?

The strategy document sets out a framework and a vision for Powys residents.  The overall vision is for everyone to live in good quality and affordable housing whether for rent or to buy.

It also sets out a number of key priorities in relation to the quality of housing across all tenures (rent, to buy, shared ownership etc.), homelessness, affordability and the elimination of fuel poverty.

It aims to comply with the key themes set out by the Welsh Government in "Better Homes for People in Wales - A National Housing Strategy for Wales" as updated in Improving Lives and Communities, Homes in Wales (2010)

We’d like your views on the strategy.

Pages 11 - 18 provide information around the vision, the aims and the objectives. 

Pages 19 - 24 provide a useful table setting out all this information in an easy to read format. 

Download the draft Local Housing Strategy