Commissioning, Procurement and Commercial Strategy Survey 2017

Powys County Council is seeking views from interested stakeholders on its new draft strategy.  This may include local businesses, town and community councils, business forums and third sector organisations.

This consultation is now closed and views being analysed.

The strategy aims to ensure that the needs of residents, service users and community groups are at the very heart of the council’s decision making and the services it or others provide on its behalf.

If this aspect of our work is something that interests you please do read the draft strategy here.

The questions in the survey are primarily about whether you strongly agree or disagree with:

  • The vision and definition for this strategy
  • Key statements around development of markets, collaboration in procurement and contract management
  • Proposals around the operating model and how we aim to measure progress.

The final strategy will, post feedback and amendments, become the definitive statement of how the council will manage its commissioning, decommissioning and commercial activity and support all areas of the council in adopting a consistent, comprehensive and legal approach to delivering services in the future.


This survey is now closed

Associated Documents

Powys and Commissioning and Commercial Strategy*

* The strategy makes reference to additional 'linked resources' which are under development, and are designed to provide more detail and support around areas of this strategy for officers, members, providers and other stakeholders as relevant. These 'linked resources' will not be part of this consultation.

The IPC (Institute of Public Care) commissioning cycle.
Image of the IPC (Institute of Public Care) commissioning cycle.