Brecon High School Welsh-medium Stream


This consultation has now closed

Powys County Council has undertaken a formal consultation process to seek feedback on the proposal to remove Welsh-medium provision from Brecon High School from September 2016.  The consultation closed on the 27th July 2015.  In accordance with legislation, the Council has 13 weeks to publish a consultation report ‘within 13 weeks of the end of the period allowed for responses’, and this report must:

-       Summarise each of the issues raised by consultees

-       Respond to these issues

-       Set out Estyn’s view of the proposal

The consultation report was considered by Cabinet at its meeting on the 29th September 2015. 

During the consultation period, concerns were raised that the current proposal in respect of the Welsh-medium stream at Brecon High School cannot be considered in isolation from other school reviews that are taking place in both Mid Powys and South Powys.

Welsh-medium provision in both areas will now be considered as part of these reviews, and a recommendation on the future of the Welsh-medium stream at Brecon High School will be made in due course.

Consultation Documents:


The Council has now published a Consultation Report in respect of this consultation. A copy is provided below: