3 weekly rubbish collections

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This consultation closed on 31 August 2015.  

A report went to Cabinet on 6 October which included the key findings and a recommendation to move to three weekly collections from November 2015. This was approved. 

   > The key findings from the consultation are available here

   > The full feedback report is available here

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You Said:

Overall the majority of residents who responded to the consultation said: 

  • I find the recycling service easy to use
  • I try and recycle everything I can
  • My wheeled bin is three quarters or full up currently when I’m due a fortnightly collection
  • I have concerns about moving to three weekly collections because of the potential increase in people fly tipping, rodents, the smell and lack of space etc.
  • I would be interested in a separate nappy collection or incontinence waste collection service but don’t think I’d manage with the current bin I have.  I’d need a bigger bin. 



"87% of households found it either very/fairly easy to recycle their waste using the boxes provided for paper, plastics, glass and food waste."



We Will:

In response the service will:

  • Continue to help people understand what they can and can’t recycle and provide extra recycling boxes on request.
  • Offer families who may feel they need and qualify for extra capacity a visit from one of the council’s three Waste Awareness Advisers so they can discuss their needs.
  • Be distributing information to households to help residents prepare for three weekly collections.  This will include a collection calendar outlining your new collection weeks.
  • Provide information and advice to help residents reduce issues around smells.  For example:  Did you know that pretty much all your food waste can go into the food caddy provided?  This is collected weekly and would help to reduce some of the potential concerns about the smell of rotting food.   A recent study by the Welsh Government which looked at the contents of peoples’ wheeled bins in Powys showed that a 1/3 could actually be recycled and a lot of this was food waste.
  • Provide households that qualify with additional capacity to store their waste for three weeks.
  • NOT be providing an extra nappy/incontinence waste collection service.  Although there was some interest it was too costly and would reduce the savings that could otherwise be made.  It was also clear that the families who would be using this service were not convinced that with this in place they would be able to manage anyway with the wheeled bin they currently had and would need or want a bigger or extra capacity alongside this service.  With these factors in mind it was deemed not viable at this present time.