Change of address and circumstances

Please tell us straightaway about any changes in your circumstances as this could affect any of your benefits or awards that you receive from us. We also need to know if any of your contact details change.

How to tell us about changes

  • You will need your benefits or award number. It's on the letters we send you.
  • You can use the link to the online form on this page, or write to us or tell us by phone or email.
  • Tell us what's changed and the date it changed.
  • Give us all the details such as new amounts of income, the name and date of birth of someone who's come to live with you, and so on.
  • We usually like to see any documents that are relevant to the change. So if you have any, please email, send by post or bring it to any of our Customer Service Points.

Don't delay telling us about a change because you are waiting for a document. Tell us straightaway and if we need any more details we will contact you.