Powys Well-being Plan

The Powys Well-being Plan is starting to take shape now and we’d like your views by 17 September 2017 (the closing date for Town and Community Councils has been extended to 13 October 2017).

Work has already been undertaken over the past year to assess well-being in Powys and engage a range of stakeholders.  Click on the green “Return to Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) homepage to find out more if you want to understand more about the legislation, who makes up the Public Service Board and how we’ve engaged stakeholders to date.

Click on each poster for details on each well-being objective, what we know already about this topic and the outcomes we’d like to achieve by 2040. 

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Please note:  Copies of the posters will be available in all libraries shortly with a paper survey if you prefer to respond in this way.

Have your say

  • We feel they are right for Powys but do you?
  • Have we missed something out?
  • What and how could you or your organisation contribute to the Well-being Plan?

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email consultation@powys.gov.uk with your views on the vision and objectives.

Members of the Public Service Board have agreed in principle:

  • A shared vision for Powys in 2040
  • Four well-being objectives and
  • A number of outcomes that sit underneath each of the four