Engagement – your views on well-being


Engagement and consultation is a crucial part of producing a fit for purpose Well-being Plan.  Over 300 datasets were analysed on a diverse range of topics to create and build up a picture of life in Powys. 

We prioritised 31 issues and asked our colleagues to challenge this via two workshops held in November 2016.  We then revised the assessment and took it out into communities and published it online too.

We asked you:

  • What does well-being mean to you?
  • Do the things we’ve included in the assessment seem accurate?
  • What’s missing?
  • Out of the 31 priorities which would be your top five?
  • Would they be any different if you were thinking about the community you live in?
  • What responsibility should people play in terms of their own well-being?


From choirs to library drop in sessions, market stalls and supermarket conversations we sought views from a broad range of residents and fed back the views into the Public Service Board. 

Young People Said

As the Act is called the Well-being of Future Generations young people in Powys were a key target audience.  The Powys Youth Forum were first asked for their views on the Act and given some insights into what it meant back in 2015.  Young people gave their views on

  • what well-being meant to them,
  • what impacted on their well-being,
  • how their voice was heard at home and
  • what needed to change to improve well-being in Powys  

Since then the Powys Youth Forum have led on work to engage other young people across the county and created and sought views via an online survey and school activity pack which has resulted in the following documents being produced.

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Click here to download Poster
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Watch your views on the assessment

Well-being winner lands a Lakeside voucher

A Brecon fisherman landed a lunch at the Lakeside in Llandrindod Wells with his wife after completing a survey about his well-being and that of the county.

Mr Allan Jones gave his views as part of the consultation which ran throughout February this year.

In total over 500 views were given during the month by individual residents completing an online survey or via community group meetings and drop in sessions that were held around the county.   Views were sought on what well-being means to people and what key things would help improve it.

Mr Jones said: “I’m delighted to have won.  It was great to be able to choose a voucher for the Lakeside restaurant.  My wife and I regularly enjoy a Sunday carvery there after I’ve been fishing.  Fishing is great for my well-being, I really enjoy it and it helps me to relax.”