Apply for a community development grant

PAVO has secured £330,000 over a three year period from the Welsh Assembly Government Community Facilities and Activities Programme (CFAP). The money will be used to provide grants of up to £4,500 to voluntary and community organisations which run projects that contribute towards community regeneration improve the quality of life for people in rural areas.

PAVO's Can Do Communities grant scheme addresses the following CFAP priorities:

  • Creating or refurbishing facilities available to the community as a whole or adapting them to ensure equal access to disabled people.
  • Acting to improve the built or natural environment for local people improving the well being of the community by encouraging activities and healthy life styles.
  • Providing facilities or activities which reduce poverty, inequality, discrimination and social disadvantage.
  • Encouraging training that targets vulnerable or excluded people.
  • Stimulating community businesses and social enterprises.
  • Assisting the promotion of job opportunities and increased incomes.
  • Involving people of all ages and abilities in the community and addressing the needs of socially excluded groups, strengthening the cultural and linguistic identity of the community.

For more information or to download an application form please go to the PAVO website. Application forms and guidance notes can be emailed or posted to you on request.

Small Grants Scheme to Promote Health and Wellbeing

Please be aware that this grant is only available once a year and there is a short turnaround

The aim of the Small Grant Scheme to Promote Health and Wellbeing is to encourage community groups and communities of interest, to undertake activities that support the strategic priorities of the Health and Social Care and Wellbeing Strategy in relation to:

  •  Health promotion/illness prevention
  • Promoting and maintaining independence

Awards of up to £1,500 are available for organisations that meet the eligibility and grant criteria. For more information see the Information and Criteria document on the PAVO website.