Index of Disabled Children

The Children's Act 1989 requires local authorities to keep an Index of disabled children and young people from birth to 18 years who live in Powys. The information on the Index will help us develop services and we will be able to send you information about topics relevant to you and your child's needs.  

Advantages of Registration

  • Parents/Carers are able to contribute to the development of services for children with disabilities.
  • Agencies involved in the provision of services will gain a better understanding of what services are currently required and help develop those services for the future.
  • Parents/Carers will receive a newsletter, to keep them informed about local/national issues.
  • The Index will help to identify children's and young person needs and assist in the planning of future services.
  • Access to information and contact with other Parents/Carers.


If you would like your child's or young person’s name included please contact us