Training & support for foster carers

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Before  you can foster for Powys you and your family will need to go through a period of training and assessment to make sure that you are right for fostering, and that fostering is right for you and your family.

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This assessment will include:

  • An initial visit from a member of the Fostering Team
  • Attendance at Skills to Foster (a 3 day introductory course about fostering)
  • Attendance at a series of training modules during your first year of fostering
  • Completion of an application form – giving permission for personal and professional references and checks, including DBS and health screening, to be carried out 
  • An in-depth suitability assessment of you and your family.
  • An environmental risk assessment of your home and vehicles as well as an assessment of any animals you care for or own.

A named member of the team will carry out your suitability assessment and once successfully completed your report will be presented at Powys’ Fostering Panel. You will be expected to attend the panel.

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Approved Foster Carers have a supervising Social Worker who will supervise, support and advise them, and work with colleagues involved with the child and his/her family.

Support groups, which take place quarterly, are held across the county providing training and a chance to meet other foster carers and members of the team. In some parts of the county Foster Carers arrange their own support and social events as a way of keeping in touch and giving mutual support.

All foster carers are given a Carers Handbook. This is a reference book which includes helpful guidelines and information on procedures and good practice. We provide a range of mandatory and special interest training to all approved Foster Carers covering a variety of fostering related topics.

Out of hours support is available through our duty service.

Individual membership to Fostering Network is given to all our Foster Carers. The Fostering Network is the UK's leading charity for people with a personal or professional involvement in fostering.

We arrange occasional social activities to give the children of Foster Carers a chance to meet other children whose families foster.

Additional 1:1 support can be given by the department for those children who need extra support in the task of fostering.

Foster Carers are paid an allowance for the maintenance of each child placed with them, covering the period of care. We have a full time member of the team who can give advice and information about financial matters related to fostering. 

If you provide a placement for parent and baby care, the rate of the allowance will depend on whether the placement is for one or both parents.

If you have any questions about tax and state benefits we advise you to contact the tax office and benefits agency to explain your specific circumstances.



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