What can I do with large items

If you need to get rid of large items such as furniture or electrical appliances (bulky waste), we can collect them for you or you can take them to a household waste recycling centre.

Ask us to collect large items

How do I book a collection?

  • Phone us on 0845 6027035 or 01597 827465.
  • We will give you a reference number and offer a collection date, which will normally be within 2 weeks.
  • There is a charge for this service. You can pay by debit/credit card.

How much will it cost?

The cost depends on how heavy the items are and how difficult they are to move. For instance, a chair may weigh less than 50kg, but a piano weighs more than 100kg.

Items weighing less than 50kg

  • £25 for up to 3 items on any one collection

Items weighing over 50kg

  • These items will cost more, depending on just how large they are and how difficult they will be to dispose of.

If you have fewer than 3 items to collect you can save money by sharing a collection with a neighbour.

Please note a three piece suite is counted as three items (if it consists of a sofa and two chairs). A table and four chairs is counted as five items.

Amendments and cancellations

If you want to change or cancel your order, you MUST tell us 48 hours before the planned collection date. If you do not do this, refunds could be affected. Additional items must be paid for in advance. 

Or recycle large items

Recycling centres

If you are able to transport your large household items yourself, you can take them to a local household waste and recycling centre.

Re-use schemes

Powys cleaning service are working alongside the Homelessness Prevention and alleviation team within Powys and are looking for unwanted recyclable household items (in good clean order) to be able to donate to people in Powys who are vulnerable or less privileged.

Collection is free of charge.

For more information please ring 01597 827500 or email cleaning@powys.gov.uk

Phoenix Furniture Collection Scheme

Phoenix is a registered non-profit making charity. They collect donated furniture, household goods and electrical items from the public. These are then cleaned and sorted before being passed on to Powys residents in need of low-cost furniture.

Phoenix will collect for free, contact Phoenix on 01686 623336 for more information.