What can I do with garden waste

Image of a compost bin

Composting is an inexpensive, natural process that transforms your kitchen and garden waste into a valuable and nutrient rich food for your garden.


Composting and garden waste

Garden waste can be taken to a Community Recycling Site, or any of the Household Waste and Recycling Centres in Powys. Make sure you cut up larger items.

Please note: Commercial gardeners are not allowed to use these sites unless they hold a permit.

How to start composting

The ideal spot for a compost bin is on bare soil; however, you can put your bin on concrete, tarmac or patio slabs by laying a coating of paper and twigs on the bottom. Choose a place where you can easily add ingredients to the bin and get the compost out.

You can compost:

  • Tea bags
  • Grass cuttings
  • Vegetable peelings
  • Old flowers
  • Coffee grounds and filter papers
  • Cardboard
  • Scrunched up paper
  • Leaves
  • Sawdust
  • Twigs and branches

Meat, dairy and cooked vegetables shouldn’t be included.

Adding a mixture of food and garden waste along with paper and cardboard will give you the best soil around 9–12 months later, and you can keep topping up your bin throughout the year.

Once the compost at the bottom of the bin is crumbly and dark and looks like thick, moist soil, you can use it on vegetable patches, containers or spread it on the lawn.

For more information on what to include in your compost bin, please see the home composting section on the Recycle Now website.

Buying a compost bin

You can buy a compost bin from us for £20 and we’ll deliver it to your door.

330 litre compost bin dimensions: Height 100cm and 80cm diameter

Please provide directions to your address if you live in a remote area or your house is not numbered.

Ring us and pay by credit / debit card.

A last resort is to purchase orange plastic bags, which are then collected from the kerbside by the collection crew and will go to landfill. These bags can be purchased by contacting us.

You can also order orange garden waste bags from us, which are then collected from the kerbside by the collection crew on your normal black bin collection day, these will go into landfill. Garden waste bags can be purchased as a roll of 10. These bags can be purchased by contacting us.