Report a litter problem

We will keep public areas that we are responsible for clean from litter. You may see litter gathering in an area, or a litter bin may be overflowing.  You may even have cleaned up litter and need to know where to put it.

When litter needs clearing up

Litter bin

Report the litter problem using the form on this page. We will clean up litter on land that we are responsible for, such as roads & pavements and public parks.

Some litter bins are maintained by town councils or other organisations. Please check for the Powys Red Kite logo before reporting an issue to us.

Overflowing litter bins

The council regularly empties litter bins, but if you find one that is overflowing and causing problems, please report it and we will come and empty it as soon as we can.

Litter picking

Whilst we make every effort to keep litter down, we are always grateful when local communities help out - whether as part of a school community effort or as a concerned individual.

Use the form on this page to discuss your planned litter pick.

When you have finished just let us know and we will come and collect the litter.

Report Form

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Tell us about planned litter picking  (Opens in a new window)