Ask for help with putting out the bins

Image of bin man and elderly lady

If you live alone and have a disability or a history of falls you may be eligible for help putting out your bins. This is an assisted collection.


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We can only help if there is no-one living with you who can put out your bins and recycling boxes out for collection.

You will not be eligible for an assisted collection if you live at the end of a long lane or private drive.

If you are worried that you may find it difficult, but do not qualify for help, or would prefer to do it yourself, try using a small trolley which can be purchased on-line from various outlets or stores.

Once the form has been received and processed we will send you a letter or email to confirm that the service has been registered.

The service is monitored and we may contact you by phone, email or letter to confirm that the service is still required and that you are still eligible. Please inform us of any change to your circumstances that may affect your eligibility.

You will need to inform us of a safe, easy to access location that the crews can collect your waste or recycling from.