Society of Friends

George Fox, the founder of the Society of Friends, began to preach c 1647.  The Friends, also known as Quakers, have no ministerial order, and the organisation of the movement is substantially as laid down in 1666.


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Newtown Meeting House (Ref: M/NC/2/A)

Esgair Goch Friends, Trefeglwys (Ref: M/NC/2/B)

Llangurig Friends (Ref: M/NC/2/C)


Pales Meeting House (Ref: R/NC/2/A)

Llandrindod Wells (Ref: R/NC/2/B)

Llanyre (Ref: R/NC/2/C)

Mid Wales (Ref: R/NC/2/X)

Additional Information

Each congregation is a Particular (or Preparative) Meeting; a group of particular meetings forms a Monthly Meeting for the purposes of administration; monthly meetings combine to form a Quarterly Meeting, which is more concerned with spiritual matters.

Finally, at national level, there is a Yearly Meeting. The records on this page are from the Hereford and Mid-Wales Monthly Meeting.