A Pedigree Chart is a common tool used in the study of genealogy. It is used as a means of displaying the ancestors or descendants of a given individual.

B/D/ACA/table i: Williams of Abercamlais                  
B/D/ACA/table ii: Williams, Davies and Garnons Williams of Abercamlais
B/D/ACA/table iii: Garnons Williams of Abercamlais table
B/D/ACA/iv: Williams of Penpont
B/D/ACA/table v: Penry of Llwyncyntefin   
B/D/ACA/table vi: Davies of Brecon                 
B/D/ACA/table vii: Parry of Llandyfaelog Ter’r-graig  
B/D/BM/A9/1/1/1: Illustrated and detailed family tree of the American branch of the Powell family (Price and Powell families of Castle Madog)  
B/D/BM/A85/1/1: Edwards family of Llywel
B/D/BM/A85/1/1/1: 1744-1963 through Evan Edwards
B/D/BM/A85/1/1/2: 1744- 1963 through Margaret Edwards 
B/D/BM/A85/1/1/3: 1744-1963 through Roger Edwards
B/D/BM/A85/1/1/4: 1744-1963 through Samuel Edwards
B/D/BM/A85/1/2: 1461-1880 Mathew family of Castel-y-Mynach, from Sir David Mathew, Standard Bearer to Edward IV      
B/D/BM/A107/1: Vaughan of Hampshire from the visitation of 1634, also the descent of the family of Vaughan from Collwyn ap ? to the Sixth Earl of Lisburne, b. 1862  
BD/JGW: - Allen family of Glasbury/Hereford
 - Bailey family (Barons, Glanusk)
 - Gwynne-Vaughan of Cynghordy, Erwood, and Llanbadard Fawr
 - Lewis/Delahay Lewis of the Celyn/Plas Celyn, Llanigon
 - Parry of Llandyfaelog, Tre’r-graig (Hollis of Winchester)
 - Price of Llanigon
 - Prosser of Llyswen and Glasbury
 - Vaughan family of Llanfeilo
 - Vaughan of Llanfeilo, Cathedin and Talgarth
 - Watkins of Cusop and Hay
 - Williams, Jones, Ricketts of Llandeflle  
 - Williams Vaughn of Llandefalle
 - Williams of Gwernyfed and Elham, Kent                                  
B/D/JPO/6/149: Descendants of the brothers and sisters of the whole blood of John Evans, the father of Mrs Sarah Evans Watkins formerly of Ynys-fawr (Ynys-faen) Llywel  
B/D/JPO/6/150-1: Descendants of the brothers and sisters of Gwenllian Evans nee Price, the mother of Mrs Sarah Evans Watkins, formerly of Ynys-fawr (Ynys-faen) Llywel  
B/D/JPO/6/154: Evans family and descendants of Daniel Evans (Cwmhydfer)  
B/D/JPO/6/155: Chart: of relations of Sarah Evans Watkins, Price, Joseph and Evans families  
B/D/JPO/9: Powell family of Perthi, Llaneilo Graban, Watkins family of Bronllys and Llandyfaelog Fach  
B/D/JPO/11: - Mayberry family of Brecon
  - Wilkins/De Winton families of Maesderwen, Llanfrynach
  - De Winton family of Ty-Mawr, Llanfeugan                                    
  - Churchey family of Brecon
  - Hussey family of Brecon  
B/D/JPO/17: Price family of Nantygwared, Llywel; Powell family of Cefnygweision, Isclydach, Llywel  
B/D/WWA/2/87-100: - Edwards family of Llanfeugan and Llanfihangel Cwmdu; Phillips family of Stourbridge/Brighton  
B/DX/17: Williams families of Llangatwg 1763-1822  
B/DX/19/3: Family tree of T. Harri Jones of Builth Wells  
BX/7: Lewis and Davies families of  Cwrt-y-Gollen, Llangenny, showing descent from Richard Lewis (d 1753) of Cwrt-y-Gollen  
BX/23: Sayce family of Builth Wells and Pontrilas (Hereford) 

[Translate to Cymraeg:] M/D/BOM/3: Papers deposited by Major Bonnor-Morris
   /34: Pedigree notes on Evans ancestors (mid/late 17th c.)
   /35: Portion of the “genealogy of John Powell now of London” from Phillip ap Mericke of Trewern, Radnor, with pedegree of Docwra family and illustration of Arms 1633
   /36: Descent of Edward Evans son of Lewis Evans (17th c), appended note 1836 that Edward was brother to John, purchaser of Glanbrogan, and who lived at Cae hywel, Llanfechan
   /37: Descendants of ?Jeven ap Llewelyn ap Einion, Dafydd ap  Llewelyn ap Kylynnin (his brother) and Jenkin hir ap Jeven (after 1677)
   /39: Small fragment of pedigree of William Kyffin of “Trevrhiw"    [Trefriw, Caern]
   /41: Pedigrees of Charles 1 to Llewelyn ap Gruffudd from Dr Powel’s History of Cambria
   /42: Bundle of pedigrees, related notes and papers for Evans, Pughe and other families (19thc) (many items in fragments)

M/X/76/11: Family tree starting with Jeffery Poole and Elizabeth Nightingale 2/10/1867
MX/93/8/37-63: Family tree of Capt Griffiths  
M/X/93/77: Millford Hall Collection    
   /1: Dafydd ap Gruffydd b. 1660 – Peter Lewis b.1908
   /2: David Davies 1710 – Peter Lewis 1908; Hugh Lewis, Machynlleth 19c – Peter Lewes 1908
   /500: Family trees of Perkins, Griffiths and Lewis (part) Perkins (Tasmanian cousins) c.1944  
M/X/114: Family tree of Owen Ashton of Llawryglyn  
M/X/154/3: Family tree of the Allen family of Welshpool, after of Maesfron, 1698-1868



RX/11/table i: Jones of Oldcastle           
RX/11/table ii: Jones of Oldcastle and Rogers of Rhiwau
RX/11/164: Wishlade family
RX/11/223: Parry family of Llangurig and Rhaeadr, 19th-20th c.  
RX/11/305: Beavan of Llwngwillam (?Cwmgwilym, Newchurch), Tyn yr Cwm (Newchurch) and Castle Craddock
RX/11/306: Jones-James (from Rice James of Nantmel) and Calvert of Ockley Court, Surrey, and Beavan of Tyn Y Cwm and Hugh Thomas (1673-1721), Deputy Herald
RX/11/307: Allen of Oakfield
RX/11/308: John Walsh and related families
RX/11/309: Green family
RX/11/310: Evans of Llwynbarried
RX/11/311: Humphreys of Berriw, Montgomeryshire
RX/11/312-3: Sladen, Banks, Davies, Oliver and Whalley RX/11/314-5: Jones – Humphreys
RX/11/316: Baskerville family
RX/11/317: Lindner family
RX/11/318: Vaughan of Llwynmadoc, Llansanffraid-yn-Elfael RX/11/319: Price family of Llwyn-cus, Llanllywenfel           
RX/11/320: Gwyn family of Maesllech and Garth           
RX/11/321: Jeffreys family of Brecon
RX/11/322: Bowen families, Welshpool and Tyddyn, Llandinam
RX/11/323: Davies of Gwardolau, Llansanffraid Cwmteuddwr
RX/11/324: Morgan of Betws Diserth and Nantmel
RX/11/326: Poole-Hughes
RX/11/327: Williams of Skynlas, Glasbury, Rogers and Richards of Llandysilio, Denbigh          
RX/11/328-9: Jones of Trefonnen and Pencerrig
RX/11/330: Jones of Pencerrig and Evans of Llwynbarried
RX/11/331: Jones, Jones Beavan and Hope
RX/11/334: Walsh, Fowke, Maskelyn, Strachey,Benn(Walsh) and Clive
RX/11/335: Griffiths of the Box, Glascwm
RX/11/415: Venables family
RX/11/562-633: Beavan family Glascwm and connections with the Vulliamy family
RX/11/567-571: Beavan family of Tyn-y-Cwm, Newchurch, and Castle Cradoc, Carms, and Bryn-yr-hydd, Llowes
RX/11/579: Vulliamy family  
RX/42: Roots in Radnorshire, the Lloyd family  
RX/72: Lloyd of Cefnbarrach and Hall of Penddol 1616-1861  
RX/108: Bright family of Heyop

A pedigree chart concentrating on all the ancestors of a single individual is also called a “birth brief”. A chart on these lines will often concentrate only on the male line of descent, so that the marriages but not the children of female descendants are recorded. In this way, the pedigree will encompass only those who share the same surname. 

Equally common is the “family tree” form of a pedigree chart, which shows the descendants of a particular individual, and thereby highlights sibling and cousin relationships, which would not appear on the above pedigree chart. 

In addition to the names of individuals, it is common to include each person’s birth, marriage and burial place and date.   In England and Wales pedigrees were officially recorded in the College of Arms, records going back to the middle ages. Pedigrees continue to be registered at the College of Arms on a voluntary basis, but are not accessible to the general public without a payment fee.

The references to pedigrees on this page have been extracted from our catalogues.