Family, Estate and Legal Records

Estate and family collections and also the records of the clients of solicitors, estate agents and land surveyors. These records are a rich source for the history of the counties which comprise Powys, containing many assorted title deeds, wills and even stray manorial and local government papers 


British rail records (Ref: P/D/BR)

Powys Co-ordinating Committee of Women's Institutes (Ref: P/D/WI/1)















Additional Information

Powys Archives collections are summarised on the Archifau Cymru Archives Wales website. The full catalogues appear as links to pdf files on this page. In some cases, it would be useful to view the information we have submitted to the Archifau Cymru Archives Wales website alongside our catalogues.

There are also numerous small collections containing estate, family and legal papers in the B/DX, M/DX, R/DX, P/DX and B/X, M/X, R/X, P/X series.



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Documents from these collections have been digitised: