Civil Parish and Township

From the sixteenth century to the end of the nineteenth century ecclesiastical and civil administration at the parish level was supervised through the monthly vestry meetings. Under the Local Government Act of 1894 the two functions were separated, and parish councils were established to handle civil administration. Under the 1974 local government reorganisation community councils replaced parish councils.


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Parish/Community Council

Tregoed and Felindre [now Gwernyfed] (Ref: B/PC/1)

Llansbyddyd (Ref: B/PC/2)

Llanafan Fawr (Ref: B/PC/3)

Llanfihangel nant Bran (Ref: B/PC/4)

Llangamarch (Ref: B/PC/5)

Llanddewi’r Cwm (Ref: B/PC/6)

Ystradgynlais Higher (Ref: B/PC/7)

Penderyn (Ref: B/PC/8)

Llanfeugan (Ref: B/PC/9)

Llanfrynach (Ref: B/PC/10)

Llanhamlach (Ref: B/PC/11)

Llanddeti (Ref: B/PC/12)

Hay Rural (Ref: B/PC/13)

Crickhowell [see also Ref: B/D/LBY/1] (Ref: B/PC/14)

Tawe Uchaf (Ref: B/PC/15)

Bronllys (Ref: B/PC/16)

Llysdinam (Ref: B/PC/17)

Bettws Penpont (Ref: B/PC/19)

Treflys (Ref: B/PC/20)

Llanleonfel (Ref: B/PC/21)

Llanfihangel Bryn Pabuan (Ref: B/PC/22)

Llangynidr (Ref: B/PC/23)

Builth Wells (Ref: B/PC/24)

Traianglas (Ref: B/PC/25)

Traianmawr (Ref: B/PC/26)

Llywel (Ref: B/PC/27)

Glyntawe (Ref: B/PC/28)

Llanwrtyd (Ref: B/PC/29)

See also records for Cantref (B/X/89); Maescar (B/D/BM/A.74); Tregoed and Velindre (B/D/LBY/3) and (R/DX/52), Llansaintffraid (B/D/LBY/7/3), Llanddew (B/EP/39), Trallong (B/EP/81)


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Parish/Community Council

Llangynyw (Ref: M/PC/1)

Betws Cedewain (Ref: M/PC/2)

Carno (Ref: M/PC/3)

Llanmerewig (Llanmyrewig) Parish Meeting (Ref: M/PC/4)

Llanfair Caereinion (Ref: M/PC/5)

Llandinam (Ref: M/PC/6)

Bausley with Criggion (Ref: M/PC/7)

Criggion (Ref: M/PC/8)

Llandrinio (Ref: M/PC/9)

Darowen Parish (Ref: M/PC/10)

Llanwrin (Ref: M/PC/11)

Cemmaes [Cemais] (Ref: M/PC/12)

Isagarreg (Ref: M/PC/13)

Penegoes (Ref: M/PC/14)

Uwchygarreg (Ref: M/PC/15)

Churchstoke (Ref: M/PC/16)

Hyssington (Ref: M/PC/17)

Ceri/Kerry (Ref: M/PC/18)

Trefeglwys (Ref: M/PC/19)

Llandyssil [Llandysul] (Ref: M/PC/20)

Berriew (Ref: M/PC/21)

Castle Caereinion (Ref: M/PC/22)

Guilsfield (Ref: M/PC/23)

Llanllugan (Ref: M/PC/24)

Llanwyddelan (Ref: M/PC/25)

Machynlleth (Ref: M/PC/26)

Llanfyllin (Ref: M/PC/27)

Newtown and Llanllwchaearn (Ref: M/PC/28)

Aberhafesp (Ref: M/PC/29)

Llanwnog (Ref: M/PC/30)

Llanfechain (Ref: M/PC/31)

Penybontfawr (Ref: M/PC/33)

Carreghofa (Ref: M/PC/34)

Welshpool (Ref: M/PC/35)

Mochdre with Penstrowed (Ref: M/PC/36)

Llanidloes (Ref: M/PC/37) 

Tregynon (Ref: M/PC/38) 

Llanidloes Without parish council see M/B/LI; Kerry parish council see M/EP/8; Llandrinio see M/EP/16


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Parish/Community Council

New Radnor (Ref: R/PC/1)

Llangynllo (Ref: R/PC/2)

Bleddfa (Ref: R/PC/3)

Nantmel (Ref: R/PC/4)

Pilleth (Ref: R/PC/5)

Whitton (Ref: R/PC/6)

Clyro (Ref: R/PC/7)

Llandrindod Rural (Ref: R/PC/8)

Glasbury (Ref: R/PC/9)

Saint Harmon (Ref: R/PC/10)

Llanfihangel nant Melan (Ref: R/PC/11)

Llanyre (Ref: R/PC/12)

Llanfihangel Helygen (Ref: R/PC/13)

Disserth and Trecoed (Ref: R/PC/14)

Llanbadarn Fawr (Ref: R/PC/15)

Llanbister (Ref: R/PC/16)

Abbey Cwm-hir (Ref: R/PC/17)

Llanbardarn Fynydd (Ref: R/PC/18)

Llandrindod Wells (Ref: R/PC/19)

Beguildy (Ref: R/PC/20)

Llanfihangel Rhydithon (Ref: R/PC/21)

Old Radnor & Burlingjobb (Ref: R/PC/22)

Llandegley/Penybont (Ref: R/PC/23) 

Pipton parish council minutes 1894-1930 see R/DX/52; Heyop parish council minutes 1894-1975 see R/EP/4