Carer's needs assessment

The assessment is completed by social services  Afterwards, you may have a care or support plan, describing the help you will get as a carer.

The assessment will look at things like:

  • the kind of support and help the person you care for needs
  • the things you do for them
  • how much time you spend caring
  • whether anyone else supports you

We’ll also look at whether you need information or training, and consider the impact caring has on your work life and leisure as well as your health and wellbeing. Before the assessment, have a think about the sort of support that would help you.

You can ask for the assessment to be carried out confidentially, at a convenient time, without the person you care for being there. You can have someone else there to support you. You should discuss this with your Care Manager. Afterwards, you’ll be given a copy of your assessment and advice on the services, information or support that could help you.