Hospital pre-discharge checklist

photo of a lady in hospital

Use this checklist before you leave hospital. It will help make sure that you’ll have all the support you need when you get home. Ask staff to help you fill it in.

Task Complete?    
Have you had a multi-disciplinary assessment? If you need a care plan and/or discharge plan, have they been agreed?
Do you have a copy of your care plan?
Do you have transport to get home?
Is someone coming with with you on the journey home?
Is there someone to make sure you’re properly settled at home if needed?
Have you been given take-home medicines and dressings? Do you have written instructions on how to use them?
Have you been given details of any follow-up appointments?
Have you been given any equipment you need and shown how to use it?
If you need adaptations at home, have they been made, or have temporary arrangements been made while you’re waiting for work to be done?
Will you have services such as home from hospital, home care, district nursing and meals on wheels? Do you know the days/ times they will come?
If you live alone, has someone made sure that your home is ready for you?
Have you and your carers been given enough notice of the date and time of your discharge and do you agree with the arrangements?
Do you and your carers have named contacts and phone numbers in case there’s a problem after you’re discharged?
Have you and your carers been given enough information on medicines, diet, follow-up appointments and contact with your GP? If you have communication difficulties, such as a visual impairment, have you been given information in a way that suits you?
Has a written discharge summary been sent to your GP within 24 hours of discharge (e.g. by fax) with details of: discharge date and time, diagnosis, treatment, ongoing medical and social needs and follow-up arrangements?