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If you need help when you get home, the hospital staff should make sure that arrangements are in place before you are discharged. You should have a Discharge Plan and you should be told what has been set up for you.

You may have family and friends who can help you when you come home, or you may use a volunteer service (such as Home From Hospital / Community Support Services).

There is a Hospital Discharge Liaison Nurse who links Powys Adult Social Care Services with the District General Hospitals that serve Powys and you can ask to speak to them.

Also see our Pre-discharge checklist.

After you leave hospital, you may need help for a while before you can manage everyday activities by yourself. As you recover, you will be able to do more and will need less support. If a full recovery is not possible, you can still be independent but may not be able do things in the way you used to and will need to find new ways.

To help with this, the hospital should refer you to a service called Reablement. They will support and assist you for a number of weeks and then help you to decide what, if any, ongoing help you will need.

More information about reablement

Sadly, some people become so ill that they can’t manage safely on their own any more. If this happens to you, you may be able to:

Each choice involves big decisions which cannot be taken lightly. There are financial implications too. If possible, you should discuss the options with the important people in your life and your Care Manager. However, remember that only you know what is best for you, so don’t let yourself be pushed into something you’re not happy with.

(There are some cases where someone’s illness means they are not competent to make some decisions but this applies to a small number of people).

If you can, you should return for a visit or stay at your home for a short time before you move on. This gives you time to say goodbye, sort possessions and put your affairs in order. You may need help to do this.

Making a decision to move, usually to where you think you will receive more care, is a very hard decision and perhaps the most important decision you have had to take.

More information about finding a care home

How do I get help?

If Social Care Services are needed such as reablement, help with daily living or equipment and adaptations to your home then we will need to get to know you (do an assessment) and agree a Plan of Care. This can be done quickly.

To ask for an assessment, check eligibility and see costs, please use the button below:



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Links to other websites: - Disability Powys NHS Direct Wales - Age UK


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