Get help with HIV or hepatitis

We provide a community care service to support people with HIV or hepatitis to live independently and to help them and their carers to get information and support in a simple and confidential way.

Many people are misinformed about HIV and hepatitis, which causes fear and prejudice towards those who have them. Adult Social care work with the Local Health Board and the Terence Higgins Trust and our policy is that people with HIV or hepatitis B/C should get the same services as anyone else with a chronic condition or a life threatening illness.

The needs of people with HIV/hepatitis B/C and their carers vary considerably over time and several agencies may be involved in caring for them.

The Powys teaching Local Health Board supports people with HIV and/or hepatitis B/C and works with specialist services outside the county.

Initial testing and diagnosis may be in a variety of settings, such as a GP clinic. Treatment, care planning and monitoring is provided by District General Hospital specialist teams in Wales or England, with additional support from within Powys.

After your assessment, the care manager will write a Personal Plan of Care which will list all the help you need and say who will help you and who will pay. The assessment will take account of fluctuating needs, because we know that this is something that particularly affects people who are HIV positive or who have hepatitis who may have treatment side effects or episodes of serious illness between periods of good health.

We also know some people who are HIV positive or have hepatitis don’t have support from family and friends when they’re ill, and they can often be prone to depression, making the support we give all the more important.

The care manager will know about other organisations who can help you, and will get in touch with them if you want them to.

If you support someone who is being assessed, we will offer you A Carer’s Assessment. We may ask Powys Carers Service (PCS) to do the assessment for us. PCS can also offer you some information and support. If you need support from Social Services, a care manager will write a Personal Plan of Care which sets out what help you’ll get and whether there will be any charge.

Terrence Higgins Trust has lots of experience of supporting people living with HIV in Wales.

There’s also a new initiative funded by the Big Lottery – Positive Action for Wales (PAW) – which provides a full time dedicated worker for each of the main areas of Wales. They offer support, help and advice about things like sexual health, education, employment opportunities, welfare rights and benefits, housing, immigration, counselling, access to charitable grants and setting up peer support groups.

In addition, they are able to offer free training, advice and resources to other professionals who are working with people living with HIV and health promotion services to individuals and communities most at risk of contracting HIV.

Tel: 07824809779

How do I get help?

Before we can support you, we will need to do an assessment. The assessment will look at your individual circumstances and whether you need:

  • information and advice
  • emotional support and counselling
  • practical support
  • personal care
  • advice on welfare, housing or employment
  • access to local services
  • support because of discrimination and abuse

A care manager will start the assessment within 5 days of referral and in most cases it will take 15 days to do. If your case is very complex, it may take longer.

To ask for an assessment please use the button below:


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