Get help at home with daily living

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If you need help at home with daily living, the Adult Social Care Services department can help. The services provided, and who pays for them, depend on your needs and circumstances.

The most common things that people get help with are:

  • Getting up, washing, dressing and grooming and help with the toilet
  • Serving and eating meals and drinks
  • 'Transfers' such as getting in and out of bed, on and off a chair or the toilet, or in and out of a bath or shower
  • Mobility activities such as managing steps and stairs
  • Domestic activities, such as cooking and washing-up afterwards
  • Night time routines and going to bed

If you are experiencing difficulty, ask for an assessment.

Managing independent

After your assessment, if it is appropriate and you're eligible, we can arrange for the loan of equipment and/or arrange for adaptations to be done, in order to meet your assessed needs. 

There are small gadgets which may assist you to manage some of these activities independently: For  example: Long-handled shoe horns, sock/stocking aids, and pick-up sticks (often called “helping hands”) can be useful if you have difficulty reaching your feet or picking up items from the floor. Tap-turners, jar-openers, and key-turners can assist if you have poor grip or weak wrist movement.

A number of retailers sell this type of equipment and it can also be bought on the Internet.

The Disabled Living Foundation has a site called “ask Sara” which provides advice and information on managing a wide range of daily living tasks.  

Mae pobl gydag anawsterau iechyd ac anghenion gofal cymdeithasol yn aml yn gofyn am gymorth ymarferol gyda phethau fel cadw trefn ar y cartref a’r ardd, diogelwch y cartref, gwaith ty a siopa.

Nid yw Gwasanaethau Gofal Oedolion yn cynnig y gwasanaethau hyn fel rheol oni bai eu bod yn rhan o Gynllun Gofal a Chymorth. Ond efallai y gallwn roi manylion asiantaethau sy’n medru helpu i chi.

How do I get help?

To find out what exactly your needs are, we have to carry out an assessment. This can take place at home and you can have a friend or family member there to support you.

When we have done the assessment, we will put together a ‘Care and Support Plan’ which will list all the help you need.

To ask for an assessment, check eligibility and see costs, please use the button below: