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Direct Payments are money paid to you to buy the care you need. You can spend this money as and when you like, on the sort of care you want, without having to go through Social Services. You manage your own care, so it’s flexible – you can make changes whenever you need to.

If you’re eligible for community care, or the parent of any child who is eligible for community care, you may be eligible for Direct Payments. Ask your Care Manager for more information.

This depends on what support you need. When your needs have been assessed, we’ll know what level of support you need. The amount of money you’ll get will be agreed and be included in your personal Plan of Care.

All direct payments are made net of any contribution from you as determined by the financial assessment/means test.

You can buy services that meet the needs agreed in your Plan. This could include:

  • Domestic and personal care
  • Respite/breaks
  • Day care

You can use a carer from an agency, buy services direct from a provider or employ your own Personal Assistant(s).


You can’t use the payments for:

  • Services, equipment or goods that are not in your Plan
  • Permanent or long-term residential care

Once you are receiving Direct Payments you will need to show Social Services that you are spending the money as agreed. They will look at your accounts regularly. If you are employing staff, you will need to follow employment law.

Powys County Council have a specialist service to help you with the whole Direct Payments process. The Direct Payments Support Service will work with your Care Manager to make sure that you get help with your Direct Payments whenever you need it.

How to get Direct Payments

Before you can claim Direct Payments, we have to carry out an assessment.

To ask for an assessment, please use the button below:

If you have had an assessment and are interested in Direct Payments, you can use the link below to apply. Please let your Care Manager know.

Direct Payments  (Opens in a new window)

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