Help with using this website

Our website is organised around the things people contact us about, not our departments.  Find out more by watching this short video or reading the guidance underneath.


You should watch this video in full screen. Please note it deliberately has no audio (sound).

Finding your way around

The home page has links to every service from the very top of the page, in the grean box.  If you can't see the service you want, click on the More services button to expand the box.

Underneath each heading are one or two links to things commonly asked for or about.  If you can't see what you want there, click on the heading to load a page with links to all the pages relating to that heading.

For example, to find out what help is available for sight loss, you can click on the More services button and then click on the Disability heading.  About half way downn the page is a link to a page called Get help with sight loss.


Use the Search button at the top of every page to search.  Fill in what you're searching for, and some suggestions will appear automatically.  If one shows what you want, click it, otherwise hit the ENTER key.


You can choose preferences for colours and text size, type and spacing using the Preferences button at the top of every page.  Colour options include High Contrast and various low contrast choices.

Tell us what you think

Whichever page you're on, you can tell us what you think by using the form at the bottom of that page.  Click on the link Was this page helpful? and fill in the form.