Dod i wybod am hyfforddwyr chwaraeon

Mae gan hyfforddwyr a gwirfoddolwyr rhan hanfodol yn y gwaith o gefnogi plant a phobl ifanc i gymryd rhan mewn chwaraeon.  Mae ein cynllun newydd; Arweinwyr Gweithgar, yn rhoi'r cyfle i bobl gymryd rhan mewn gwaith gwirfoddoli a hyfforddiant yn eu cymunedau ac ysgolion lleol.

Mae gwirfoddoli ym maes chwaraeon yn cynnwys ystod o weithgareddau o hyfforddi, datblygu chwaraeon a threfnu sesiynau hyfforddi i waith gweinyddu, codi arian a threfnu digwyddiadau, cystadlaethau a chyngreiriau.  Gallwch gymryd rhan ar unrhyw lefel, p'un ai'n torri'r orenau, golchi'r cit neu hyfforddi'r tim. 



[Translate to Cymraeg:] Are you interested in volunteering or are you a coach looking to develop your qualifications and experience?

Most sports clubs are run by volunteers and need all kinds of assistance to keep them running smoothly. Whether it's washing kits, driving kids to matches, or coaching, there are many ways you can help.

It's not just the team and the children that benefit. Volunteering and coaching can be a great way for you to meet new people and learn new skills.

Our Active Leaders Scheme can help you to become a volunteer or coach. They offer basic coach education courses and give support to help you up the coaching and volunteering ladder.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or coach please fill in the form and our team will be in touch to help you get involved.

[Translate to Cymraeg:] The Active Leaders initiative was set up by Powys Sport Development and the Active Young People team. Its aims are:


  • To give people opportunities to volunteer in their local communities and schools
  • To recruit and keep more sport leaders from school to community
  • To give a countywide structure for leadership, developing an Active Leaders pathway
  • To develop a rewards and recognition structure for Active Leaders
  • To encourage and develop young leaders in primary and community clubs through the Young Leaders Award


Learners can become Active Young People Organisers by attending a one day course teaching them to organise safe, fun and purposeful physical activity for all young people; and work within the aims and philosophy of the Active Young People programme. Learners aged 12 and over can take this course and achieve an Active Young People Organiser Award which will be certificated by Sports Leaders UK on behalf of Sport Wales. This means that learners will be given formal recognition for completing their course and also means that they will be able to use the learning gained in the Active Young People Organiser Award towards Sports Leaders UK Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications. For information about the rewards available through the Active Leaders programme and the sports coaching and leadership pathway, please use the following links.


Active Leaders Rewards

Active Leaders Coaching and Leadership Pathway

[Translate to Cymraeg:] A six hour programme aimed at coaches, club players, teachers, parents, volunteers and youth workers. The course is run over two evenings, and those who take part will be given a three year certificate. The course covers the definition of first aid, responsibilities of the first aider, unconsciousness, resuscitation, blood loss and shock, treatment of fractures, burns and sports injuries. Cost: £40

[Translate to Cymraeg:] A three hour workshop, aimed mainly at coaches but suitable for all those involved in the organisation of children’s sport (e.g. within governing bodies, local authorities, sports and leisure centres and sports clubs). By exploring the concepts of Agility, Balance and Co-ordination and speed (ABCs), you’ll learn to observe, analyse and coach good movement patterns within multi-skill or sport-specific environments. Cost: £10

[Translate to Cymraeg:] Learn more about eating and drinking for sport to help you advise performers on diet and health promotion and ensure adequate intake for optimum performance. Cost: £10

[Translate to Cymraeg:] A three-hour workshop, aimed mainly at coaches. Everyone should have access to sport, regardless of gender, age, race, ability, faith or sexual orientation. This workshop will help you to apply and improve your existing skills to meet everyone’s needs. Cost: £25

[Translate to Cymraeg:] A three-hour workshop, aimed mainly at coaches but suitable for all those involved in the organisation of children’s sport (e.g. within governing bodies, local authorities, sports and leisure centres, and sports clubs). Cost: £15

[Translate to Cymraeg:]

Learn more about why injuries happen and how to help prevent them. Find out the best way to deal with them if they do happen and how to help recovering players return to training safely. Cost: £10